Women’s History Month Spotlight- Lorrie Praeger, Volunteer Firefighter at Roslyn Fire Company

Lorrie Praeger wanted to pursue a career that would push her both mentally and physically, and had her sights set on becoming a police officer. When her tech school classmates, who were all volunteer firefighters, encouraged her to join Roslyn Fire Company, her career aspirations shifted.

“I originally had no interest in becoming a volunteer, but, after I joined, I realized how much I enjoy the profession of firefighting. I even decided to change my career goals because of it. I am now looking forward to pursuing a career as a paid firefighter,” said Praeger. 

Praeger has been a volunteer firefighter for two years. Her favorite part about volunteering is the innate comradery within the fire house and the opportunities for personal and educational growth being a volunteer provides.

“A lot of what I’ve learned from volunteering translates into my everyday life.  Having the firefighting knowledge that I’ve learned over two years makes me more aware of my surroundings and safety,” said Praeger. “It’s helped me grow out of my social anxiety and become better at communication.  It has taught me, and is still teaching me to learn from my mistakes.”

Praeger urges other women interested in becoming volunteers to not underestimate themselves and to give it a try. 

“I am very grateful for the people, opportunities, and career guidance that volunteer firefighting has brought me, and I am excited to continue learning and training,” said Praeger.

Roslyn Fire Company is one of the five fire companies in the Abington Township Fire Department. No prior experience is required to become a volunteer, and training and gear are provided for free. 

To sign up or learn more, visit www.AbingtonFD.org