Women’s History Month Profile: Firefighter Jennifer Kingsberry

For Jennifer Kingsberry, firefighting and family are her passions. Along with husband Sean Blake, she is raising two children and volunteering with the Abington Township Fire Department (ATFD).

Sean and Jennifer, who met as teenagers working at Target, have been volunteering with ATFD for 10 and eight years respectively. They both started at the Abington Fire Company, but when the couple moved to Glenside in 2020, Sean joined Weldon Fire Company.

Since joining the ATFD family, they added two new members to their own family, daughters Keira, 4 and Sienna, 1.

“Everyone who volunteers, and their spouses and kids, are like one big family,” Sean said. We volunteer together, and we do fun things together with our kids.”

Jennifer is a respiratory therapist. Sean works in banking full time as well as an employee with the Public Safety Hazmat team in addition to volunteering with Weldon. When it comes to the often-hectic lifestyle of working, volunteering and raising a family, they both cite balance and the flexibility of volunteering with ATFD.

“You can be available during off hours if you work a 9 to 5, or vice versa if you work a night shift, or maybe if you’re a parent at home while the kids are in school,” Jennifer said.

Sean works remotely from home, and Jennifer always finds time to be available to run out the door if and when a call comes in throughout each week.

As a mom of two young girls, Jennifer is a proud female volunteer. There are not many women volunteer firefighters at ATFD or in most fire companies, but she would love would to see that change.

“Women are an untapped force and it would be nice to volunteer with more of them,” Jennifer said. “ATFD is family-friendly and inclusive,” Jennifer said.

As for those who may consider becoming a volunteer, ATFD provides gear and various training opportunities, whether it’s through Abington Township, Montgomery County or Bucks County.

Sean and Jennifer look at volunteering as more than just giving back or service to the community. It’s become a lifestyle and resulted in much joy and satisfaction.

“Giving back to the community has evolved into a hobby,” Sean said. “I’ve met so many great people and made a lot of new friends since joining.”

Want to volunteer? Abington Township Fire Department is 100% volunteer. Our fire companies are: Abington, McKinley, Weldon, Edge Hill, Roslyn Fire Company. All training and gear are free and your local fire company needs YOU to volunteer. Visit www.Abingtonfd.org

Article via patch.com