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Have you ever thought about being a volunteer within your community fire department? Of the excitement? Of the service you could provide?

There’s an important place for you at the A.T.F.D. no matter what volunteer opportunity interests you.

Opportunities include:

  • FIREFIGHTERS do what is needed to save lives and keep the community safe, including search and rescue, ladder placement, forcible entry, and fire suppression.
  • RESCUE OPERATIONS. The rescue truck responds to specialized calls, including auto accidents, carbon monoxide alarms, and rescue calls.
  • NON-EMERGENCY volunteers help with administrative duties, operations support, community outreach, and more. You don’t have to fight fire to be an important member!
  • JUNIOR FIREFIGHTERS. Those who are 16 and 17 and interested in volunteering can train beside and assist firefighters as a member of the juniors program. Juniors are well-prepared to become members at age 18!
What’s stopping you from gearing up? 

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